Injectors rail


    The rails of AEB are electro-injectors, whose primary function is that of batching the gas fuel (LPG/CNG) inside the engine.

    Ongoing research and a high level of automation of the production process have lead to creating ever-precise LPG/CNG batching rails. By optimising the opening and closing times of the injectors, the vehicle’s performance and emissions are the same as those of a vehicle running on petrol at all engine speeds.
    The injectors of AEB also make their mark in view of their silent operation, plus their constructional design has been studied to offer a high tolerance to fuel impurities.

    We offer two models:
    The rails made of technopolymer are lighter and offer an advantageous quality/price ratio

    The interchangeable nozzles made of brass (for aluminium rails) and polymer (for technopolymer rails) make our rails extremely versatile because they can be adapted to all types of vehicles on the marketplace. Rail maintenance is straightforward thanks to the use of specific tools supplied by AEB.

    The rails of AEB are also pre-arranged to fit an optional Gas temperature probe (which is not  necessary if there is an AEB PT Map probe in the system).

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