MP48 OBD is the evolution of the AEB2001N control unit, whose great performances are very well-known.
MP48 OBD ECU is designed for 3-4 cylinders multipoint timed sequential injection engines. While running on gas, DI60 considers the petrol injection time and the pressure on the rail to calculate the equivalent amount of gas to be injected in the intake manifold to replicate the performance of the engine running on petrol.
Thanks to the OBD communication protocol, the MP48 OBD can read some parameters of the engine ECU and automatically adapts the system to compensate any drifts and the effects of the gas system components aging. Through the OBD connection, the calibration software can be used to monitor several engine parameters and any eventual error in the engine control system.
MP48 OBD is equipped with a diagnosis system on every Gas component, whose status can be monitored by the calibration software during the installation of the system and at any moment of the engine lifetime. This feature may prevent malfunctioning problems and makes technical interventions easier.
In addition, the calibration tool offers guided procedures for simplifying the system installation and setting.
Thanks to the combination of MP48OBD and PTMAP sensor, the installation steps are further simplified and the costs highly reduced.
MP48 OBD‘s compact case favors the installation of the ECU inside the engine compartment.
MP48 OBD is equipped with a 48-PIN new generation automotive connector, with an IP high protection degree (6K9K) against water infiltrations and an easy leverage system
for cable connection/disconnection. The cable is characterized by a security system on the connector that prevents accidental release of the wiring.

Tech. Specifications

Supply voltage: Vbatt=10÷16V.
Operating temperature: -40÷110°C.
Current absorption with the actuators disabled: Imax ≤0.5A
Current absorption in the standby mode: Istandby ≤5μA
Actuators managed:

up to 4 gas injectors with the following characteristics Imax=6, Vbatt,max=16V
2 power outputs for gas solenoid valves
* Pmax=25W, Imax=2A (power and maximum current for each output with two outputs enabled)
* Pmax=50W, Imax=4A (power and maximum current with just one output enabled)
Sensors managed:

PT MAP sensor: 463059000 (shuttle Ø10), 463500000 (shuttle Ø12), 463505000 (shuttle Ø14)
MAP sensor: the car’s original sensor
Gas temperature sensor: AEB type sensor (4.7kOhm – included in PT MAP sensor), sensor (2.2kOhm)
Water temperature sensor: 4K7, Original
Gas level sensor: AEB level sensor, AEB Linear (Cartesio), 0-90Ohm standard sensor, not standard inverted
Oxygen Sensor: 0-1V, 0-5V, 5-0V, 0.8-1.6V, UEGO (linear sensor in current)
Management of AEB119B type switch.



Package contents

control unit
switch with push button
Gas temperature pressure integrated sensor + MAP (PT MAP)
bag of accessories