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The MP48 DF has been designed for implementing the use of an ecological fuel (LPG or CNG) on 12V common rail Diesel vehicles with electronic pump.
Being a Dual fuel system, MP48 DF allows to use 2 fuels at the same time: Diesel+CNG or Diesel+GPL. The Diesel consumption reduction is obtained by reducing the fuel injection pressure and simultaneously injecting the gas into them intake manifolds, so that the engine output reaches its nominal value.
This device is highly recommended for 4-cylinder (2000cc-2500cc) Light duty commercial vehicles operating on medium/long distances because MP48 DF increases considerably the vehicle autonomy , while granting money saving and reducing harmful emissions and particulate matter (PM) in the atmosphere.
MP48 DF, according to engine load conditions (pedal, air pressure, RPM, etc.) and common rail pressure, calculates the equivalent gas quantity to be injected in gaseous form in the intake manifold for reducing diesel consumption maintaining the top engine performances. This process leads to a double benefit: economical (for the end user) and environmental (thanks to the reduction in pollutant emissions).Usually 2 gas injectors are enough to compensate the Diesel reduction with LPG or CNG .
Thanks to the OBD connection MP48 DF reads many parameters directly from the petrol ECU and simplifies the system setting for the installer.
Mp48 DF features a diagnostic tool of gas system: if a mechanical component does not work properly the control unit detects a diagnosis situation and sends a warning alarm top the system. Eventual errors can be verified directly through the calibration software, during system set up as well as all along the vehicle’s lifetime. This feature may prevent malfunctioning problems and makes technical interventions easier.
MP48 DF is equipped with a 48-PIN new generation automotive connector, with an IP high protection degree (6K9K) against water infiltrations and an easy leverage system for cable connection/disconnection. The cable is characterized by a security system on the connector that prevents accidental release of the wiring.

Tech. Specifications

Operating temperature: -40÷110°C.
Current absorption with the actuators disabled: Imax=0.5A.
Current absorption in standby mode: Istandby <5uA.
Actuators managed:

up to 2 gas injectors with the following characteristics: Imax=6, Vbatt,max=16V
2 power outputs for gas solenoid valves
* Pmax=25W, Imax=2A (power and maximum current for each output with two outputs enabled)
* Pmax=50W, Imax=4A (power and maximum current with just one output enabled)
Sensors managed:

Gas pressure sensor: 463504000
MAP sensor: AEB031
Water temperature sensor: 4K7
Gas Level sensor: AEB level sensor, 0-90Ohm standard sensor, not standard inverted sensor
Oxygen Sensor: Linear (Lambda sensor)
Management of AEB119B type switch



Package contents

control unit
bag of sensors with their inlet unions
2 injectors rail polymer with its accessories kit (that includes inlet unions and nozzles diameter 6 and 8 mm)