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Our technical team is at your disposal.

Quality and technology Made in Italy

Quality and technology Made in Italy

Our experienced engineers

The technical assistance department is the flagship of the company. Our engineers are experienced and trustworthy professionals who support our customers both during product installation and for testing and development of new products.

AEB technical assistance organizes training and refresher courses in our facilities or at our customers’ premisesall around the world. In this way he customer appreciates and is up to date with the potential of our products, receiving the best possible support.

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Our engineers are at your disposal

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How does the system work?

Discover the elements of a CNG/LPG conversion system

1- Injection Control Unit

The core of the conversion system, the injection unit is a complete control unit that commands the system by sending signals to its various components.

Depending on the type of vehicle to convert, different ecu types are available:

  • For direct injection
  • Dual fuel diesel / gas
  • Multipoint (basic or with OBD for easier calibration).

2 - Timing Advance Processor

It optimizes the lighting times of the engine spark plugs to improve the carburation.

As a consequence, vehicle performance improves especially on acceleration and low loads.

The T.A.P. installation is optional

3 - Sensor

The sensors detect the quantity of fuel in the tank and send the information to the control unit which shows it to the driver through the switch located in the cockpit.

4 - Injector Rail

Given the petrol injection time, the control unit calculates the percentage of fuel to inject into the system.

The Rail injectors inject gas in the intake manifolds.

AEB offers 2 types of rail injectors:

  • Aluminum
  • Technopolymer

Both types support interchangeable nozzles.

5 - Emulator

Given the petrol injection time, the control unit calculates the percentage of fuel to inject in the system. The rail injectors input gas in the intake manifolds.

They are especially dedicated to:

  • Simulate the petrol pressure
  • Reset the petrol indicator

They must be used only where necessary.

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